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December 09, 2009



Do we need a queer Madonna?
Why the hell not? Here is my take on Adam Lambert….
Not being an avid American Idol watcher and never having purchased any music from any has been AI winners or losers, last season I tuned in at the beginning of the auditions just to check it out. The result was an addiction to the show for one primary reason- Adam Lambert. He was not a cookie cutter contestant. He showed artistic ability unlike any other contestant in that he made great songs different…but still great. His sound and talent reached out to my 12 year old students in a way contestants never have. Kids came in to class humming Tears for Fears, U2, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith…HOw cool is that?!. We downloaded his songs and listened to them at recess. Kids were having conversations about art and his voice and his look. Sometimes they’d come to school upset because their parents didn’t like him because he was ‘weird.’ Sometimes there were kids that didn’t like him because their parents didn’t.
And when he came out as a gay man, it was like a microcosm to the world we live in. Some kids who had liked him now dissed him openly (especially the boys). Often kids would tell me they couldn’t listen to him or that their parents said that he was inappropriate. On a side note, these were the same kids that are still allowed to listen to Eminem and 50 CENT rap about rape.
BUT then there were the kids that STARTED listening to him because he was gay. These were the kids that had just discovered that their friend was a lesbian (she had just come out at school). They supported Adam Lambert to the point of entering upon debates and discussion with students who did not ‘like’ him. To my surprise, many of the kids were swayed by these discussions. Many kids decided they didn’t have to agree with parents on this issue, but they could side with fairness.

My point is that while there are a number of respectable awe-inspiring LGBT artists out there….Many of these artists are removed from pop culture. And while that may be okay for the indie-loving souls in many adult LGBT Americans, LGBT pop-loving youth don’t have many 'good' artists that break down barriers. Adam Lambert is talented AND breaks barriers for them! C’mon, give the youth of today their Wham!, Culture Club, or Cyndi Lauper. :) Yes, we need Adam Lambert.

And on a side note…..I do find his music hum-catching. If you want something that shows his artistic side…listen to “Whataya Want from Me” or “Soaked”….But my favorites are “Music Again” and “Master Plan.” This CD has so much variety in songs….each song strikes a new emotion, a new feeling- - - kind of like a painting. Yes, kind of like art. Some people like it, some people don’t. Doesn’t mean we should get rid of it entirely or criticize it for not being like everyone else.


We have a clear example of Adam promoting dialouge, thats a good thing, so I guess the answer to your question is Hell Yes


Hah....my students called him a fag and hated him....He didnt inspire students...now lady gaga on the other hand...she has my kids talking and even immitating the way she dresses..

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